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1 N Ken’s Smashing Margarita Recipe

1 N Ken’s Smashing Margarita Recipe

Our saw man, single N Ken has always talked a lot of big talk about making a proper margarita. He’s a Polish guy from New Jersey so what the heck does he know. But he claims because his wife is Peruvian.. uhh Peru’s not in Mexico mate.

Well never mind all of that, couple years back my wife hosted a themed party so I asked for his recipe. These were so popular the guestes demanded I run back to the store for more ingredients.

Here is the recipe straight from Ken:

Juice of one lime

2 shots of tequila (Reposado Hornitos is the one you want)

1 shot of triple sec

1/2 shot of agave nectar

1 splash of orange juice

Combine all ingredients in a shaker then shake the hell out of it and serve in a margarita glass with ice cubes.

This recipe yields a strong fast acting Margarita. If you’re going to make a big batch of margaritas  you might wanna get the pre made Margarita mix* and just add tequila.

Billy D footnote:

*Don’t do that unless you’re from New Jersey

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