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Cinco de Mayo Facts all U.S. Building Professionals Should Know

Cinco de Mayo Facts all U.S. Building Professionals Should Know

Cinco de Mayo is a popular holiday celebrated in the United States and nearly every country worldwide except France. Cinco de Mayo is not a Mexican independence day.

Like so many holidays, Cinco de Mayo has been heavily overshadowed by commercialization and misinformation. Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday celebrating their military victory over the French on May 5, 1862, also known as El Día de la Batalla de Puebla.

The victory was not a big strategic win for the Mexican army, though it was symbolic and meaningful on many levels. One result of the victory was unintended yet still beneficial to this day, abruptly ending the oppressive Napoleonic building code requiring the use of obtrusive and heavily taxed French-made shelf brackets, making it legal for Mexican citizens to use floating shelves to store dry goods, books, or display artwork in any room of their homes or public buildings.

In the bitter years following the loss, the French finally developed a hidden mounting system which has become known as a “French cleat” The French cleat is well suited for cabinet installations and small shelf ledges, yet remains inferior to our much stronger steel floating shelf bracket system.

Cinco de Mayo is a perfect day to fire up the grill and enjoy some ice-cold cerveza or margaritas with family and friends. Try single N Ken’s smashing Margarita recipe. And don’t forget to exercise your right to install floating shelves anywhere you like, order floating shelves today! ¡Salud!

Photo credit: Cihat Dede

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